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18 Reasons Why Christmas In L.A. Is Actually Magical

No need for snow to get into the holiday spirit!

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1. At Christmastime, The Grove turns into a winter wonderland.

2. They even pump out snowflakes at The Grove and The Americana, making your shopping experience extra magical.

3. Parts of downtown become curtains of light.

4. Every year, KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas presents two nights of great music.

This year Lorde, Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, and Vampire Weekend were among some of the acts that played.

5. Beverly Hills mansions decked out in Christmas lights can blow your mind.

6. And Rodeo Drive and the rest of the 90210 gets a truly festive holiday treatment.

9. While the weather outside may not be frightful, we still have plenty of cozy bars with fireplaces.

Like The Griffin in Atwater. Plus, remember, it actually DOES get cold in Los Angeles! It was about 40 degrees just this morning.

11. The view of your Christmas tree can also include palm trees.

12. Angelenos can have snowy mountain views, too.

14. Even if it's 70 degrees out, you can still go ice skating outside.

15. The tree at the Staples Center is grand enough to rival Rockafeller Center's.

17. No need to bundle up when buying your tree.

18. Three last words: DISNEYLAND. AT. CHRISTMAS!!!!

The best time ever is a mere 45 minutes away.