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12 Reasons Rose Gold Is The Most Magical Shade To Dye Your Hair

La vie en rose gold.

Rose gold is a tough color to define ... it's a beautiful blend of pink and red. It can also appear as a purple-y pink. You know it when you see it. And when you see it, it's special. Check it:

1. It can manage to look oddly natural with the right cut.

2. But with a more severe cut, the result is also intriguing.

3. You can match your makeup to your hair with shimmery highlighters and shadows.

4. It totally works in an ombre effect on darker locks.

5. And the ombre look also goes well from blonde to rose gold.

6. Or there's this unexpected combo — a fiery red mane that morphs into soft rose gold.

7. Try putting a rose gold sheen onto platinum locks — the result has nymph-like vibes.

8. And then when you style it, you definitely look like a high-fashion fairy.

9. You can try putting an ombre effect in the front of your hair — you'll be able to play with how much color you see depending on how much volume give your 'do.

10. A deeper rose gold hue is also striking, especially on uber-straight locks.

11. The hue also adds a whole new dimension to Hollywood-glam waves.

12. But, if you're scared to take the plunge, here's a good idea — add a touch of rose gold to the tips. Still gorgeous.