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19 Reasons Long Hair Is A Gift From Above

Long hair, care.

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1. Because it can make you look like a bohemian, woodland sprite.

2. Because of complex updos like this that require length.

3. Because of these stunning braids.

4. And this elegant single braid.

5. Because there's no other feeling like having the wind roll through your extra-long mane.

6. Because dying it a bold color means there's only more of that amazing shade.

7. Because of high-fashion styles that require height.

8. Because you live for that side flip.

9. Because of this show-stopping ponytail.

10. And these waist-grazing braids.

11. Because long hair can make you feel confident and sexy.

12. And let's be honest; it makes photoshoots super fun.

13. Because spirals look even hotter when they're longer.

14. Because long black hair can be both kinda goth and completely elegant.

15. Because ombre hair is particularly breathtaking when you have a lot to work with.

16. Because you can often get away with not having to style it — it's natural wave gives off that rocker/boho/beach girl look.

17. And because long hair looks good at each ...

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