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    Really Old Levi's Are Apparently Worth About A Gazillion Dollars

    Do you have a 60-year-old pair of jeans lying around? Get that up on eBay, STAT.

    Apparently vintage denim manufactured around 1940-1960 is worth a ton (to some people). Here's a pair of 1950 Anniversary Levi Jeans on eBay. Can you guess how much they're worth?

    Go ahead, take a guess.

    Wrong! They're going for $8,000.

    Check out these totally average-looking 1947 Levi's 501XX jeans. Which can be yours for $5,750.

    Um. These "RARE VTG LEVIS BIG E hidden rivet selvedge jeans" (which is eBay seller speak for "totally gross, dirty, nasty denim") cost $899.

    Denim jackets from that era can also be worth quite a bit, like this 1950s Levi's 507XX jacket, asking $1,200.

    How about some weirdo denim accessories from the '60s? Sure. Do you have $499?

    But then there are some really cool things like this. A 1920s Lee Jeans salesman sample! It is so mini and wee! Its price is not: $3,000.