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    Re-Watching The "Dawson's Creek" Finale

    Exactly 10 years ago, JEN DIED.

    On May 14, 2003, we were forced to say adieu to the World's Greatest Television Series in the World, Dawson's Creek. Let us revisit the two-part finale that either ripped you apart...or you were like, meh.

    We open with the show-within-the-show, The Creek, which Dawson now writes and produces. (He's a big shot.) These two episodes jump five years into the future...making our characters around the ripe old age of 25, 26. So, basically, Dawson is the Lena Dunham of his time.

    See? He has his own office and assistant and everything.

    Joey is a book editor living in NYC, with her boyfriend, Elton, from Clueless.

    Jen is a mom. Jack is teaching English back at Capeside and wears extremely unflattering khakis that seem to be permanently stuck in a semi-wedgie.

    The gang reunites in Capeside for a wedding (whose is it???). Will Dawson and Pacey be able to become the friends they once were?

    Pacey's up to his usual tricks. Sleepin' with other peoples' wives. And getting the shit kicked out of him because of it.

    Dawson is up in his old room, trying to write, when he hears a rustling at the window. So of course, the logical thing to do is to stand poised by the window, ready to take down the intruder with your MacBook Pro!

    Duhhh. It's just Joey. And now we wonder if Dawson and Joey are rekindling their relationship?

    Wait, is THIS the wedding? Nope. Just a dream Dawson has.

    Turns out the wedding is for Dawson's mom. We're glad she's finding happiness after her husband got killed when he was eating an ice cream cone while driving.

    Then at the wedding, Pacey kisses Joey! But it's actually just for show. Except, you know...feelings.

    Cue someone's-in-trouble-music. Jen collapses on the dance floor. "She's very ill!" yells Grams.

    Oh crap. Why you gotta go start shit, Jen. I'm crying a river now. Jen's dying.

    In this hard time, Joey seeks comfort in Dawson's arms. WILL JOEY AND DAWSON FINALLY COMMIT?

    Hey, Jen. You may be dying but your hair looks amaaaazing.

    Wait but then Joey's hanging out with Pacey. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, JOE.

    Oh God and then Jen records the message to her baby girl. Why, Jen. Why do you have to go.

    Oh God, Grams. WHY?!

    Deputy Doug is finally able to be open about his gayness and now he and Jack are going to raise Jen's baby. Jen died...but she brought them all together. Don't you see the beauty?

    Joey and Dawson also say, "I love you." ARE DAWSON AND JOEY GONNA DO IT?

    Even the "season finale" of The Creek shows the Dawson and Joey characters coming back to each other....DAWSON AND JOEY ARE SO HAVING SO MANY BABIES.

    PSYCHE! Joey ends up with Pacey, who moves back to NYC with her.

    Which is how it should be, right? When it comes to Dawson vs. Pacey, we're 100 percent Team P. But wouldn't it make more sense for Joey to get with Dawson? (And leave Pacey up for grabs?) Maybe? I don't know! 10 years later, I'm still so confused.