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    24 Rather Unfortunate Ikea Product Names

    I'm sure DOMBÅS is Swedish for "really nice guy."

    1. Blasphemy.

    2. A shower curtain...of all things.

    3. Finally, they say how everyone feels when trying to assemble an Ikea wardrobe.

    4. Mean Girls goes to Ikea.

    5. What happens when someone urinates on your stuff and you can't get the smell out.

    6. C'mon.

    7. 2 Legitim to Cut.

    8. I'd never once thought of my cookware as sexy, but now I'm having very weird thoughts.

    9. Well, this is what wine does to me.

    10. One letter away from "God moron."

    11. This was a real thing.

    12. Funny if you are 12.

    13. Da Farty G Show.

    14. You're a real asshole, you know that, blue microwave lid?

    15. And you, desk, are a real meanie, too.

    16. But you, lamp, on the other hand....I feel very good about you.

    17. This would be highly offensive if you lived on the Battlestar Galactica.

    18. Kokosnot: A very bizarre bodily fluid?

    19. Another word for your ex-boyfriend.

    20. Guess we're back in the '90s now. NOT!

    21. Bum hangers. Heheheheheh.

    22. ....but from what?

    23. Maybe it's because this is a product for children. And children are usually the source of all blame.

    24. If you're going to do this, you might as well just name this quilt BADASS. That'd be cool, actually.