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    Jul 31, 2015

    15 Questions The "Oops!...I Did It Again" Video Left Unanswered

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah?

    1. What is a "gravity device"? that a device that suddenly makes the gravity on the entire planet equal to earth's?

    2. So if Britney's album is found on Mars, we can assume that's where it's originally how did it get to Earth?

    Because all us earthlings know this image. Also, maybe Britney is actually like thousands of years old? IDK. Confused.

    3. Do aliens on Mars have the same physical attributes as humans? Or are they able to shape-shift to appear less threatening?

    Either way, they do have hula hoops.

    4. Is there a store that sells suspenders on Mars?

    (But maybe they don't have shirts.)

    5. Also what do these levers do?

    Drive the ship? Or is this just a Martian gym?

    6. If we've just discovered life on Mars, why isn't all of NASA crowded around the controls?

    It's just this this nerd who doesn't know whether to get his boss or go pee first because look at all those coffees.

    7. Why are they chaining up the astronaut?

    He didn't do anything so bad, did he?

    8. So NASA uses remote controls for everything?

    (Or wait, no, that remote is for the office Tivo.)

    9. What is he so joyously munching?

    Space bread?

    10. Is this what happens when you expose yourself to the atmosphere on Mars?

    Brain damage much?

    11. And now there's oxygen on Mars?

    Cool let's all move there.

    12. Wait, so the astronaut brought her a gift from earth...meaning he KNEW she was there in the first place?

    Like, did you just become an astronaut to fool NASA into thinking you wanted to explore Mars, but really this whole time, you wanted to meet Britney Spears?

    13. And also? You found the Heart of the Ocean?

    14. This is the Heart of the Ocean? It looks like a little book.

    The Heart of the Ocean is a diamond necklace, OK DUDE?

    15. And what happens to the astronaut once Britney decides she doesn't want to be with him? Does he just moonwalk on Mars forever?

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