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17 Questions "Elf" Left Unanswered

How does one grow into a healthy adult male on a diet of syrup and candy corn?

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2. How come there aren't more careers for elves?


Do teenage elves at least have their own version of Rumspringa so they can decide whether they even want one of those three career paths/lives?

12. How is Jovie able to afford living in Manhattan on a department store elf salary?

From what we can tell, Jovie lives alone in Chinatown. That would cost a lot of money, even in 2003.

14. Isn't Jovie kind of the mentally imbalanced one?

People at first think Buddy has some psychological damage...but actually, we realize he has an excuse for his childish behavior considering the circumstances of his childhood. Jovie, on the other hand, is somehow attracted to a man who thinks he's an elf.

16. Once Santa leaves NYC — fully powered by Christmas spirit on the Clausometer — will his sleigh still fly?

Because the whole world can't be watching NY1...right? What happens when he flies over New Jersey where there's no Christmas spirit?

17. After Buddy and Jovie settle down and start a family, where do they spend Christmas? With Papa Elf or with Buddy's birth dad, Walter?

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