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    19 Questions "Clueless" Left Unanswered

    Did Elton ever find his Cranberries CD?

    1. Why don't Cher and co. hang out more with this waiter they seem intimately acquainted with?

    2. What's up with Cher's grandparents?


    4. Did Elton ever find his Cranberries CD?

    5. What was Cher's mom's story?

    6. Did Mr. Hall and Miss Geist ever figure out that this letter came from Cher?

    7. Is Travis Birkenstock the heir to the Birkenstock sandal fortune?

    8. Why don't Cher and her father have the same last name?

    9. What show do "Alanna and the TV people" make? (As Cher points out, they think it's the most important thing in the world.)

    10. Why isn't Murray in the Persian Mafia?

    11. Who are all these other guys — the "coolest" ones in school?

    12. Does Tai ever pursue art?

    13. What is this recipe from the counting your cholesterol cookbook?

    14. Whose house is this?

    15. How is it possible for Christian to do one semester in California and one semester in Chicago (because his parents have joint custody) for your entire high school career?

    16. Who IS this lame grown-up Josh talks to at the party which is supposedly hosted by his own friends?

    17. What does that white collarless shirt from Fred Segal really look like?

    18. How do Josh and Cher bring this up with their parents?

    19. And does this end up?