Proof That Leonardo DiCaprio Was The Cutest ’70s Kid

That hair.

1. Behold the cuteness: Leonardo DiCaprio (left) in the late ’70s with his stepbrother, Adam.

Gianfranco Gasparro/Liaison / Getty Images

Leo was born in 1974, so this would have been sometime around the age of 4 or 5.

2. Proof of Cuteness #1: Super ’70s bowl-meets-bob cut.

3. Proof of Cuteness #2: Tight-lipped smile.

4. Proof of Cuteness #3: Attachment to objects.

5. Proof of Cuteness #4: That freakin’ jumpsuit.

6. Proof of Cuteness #5: And the fact that it is ever-so-slightly too small.

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