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    Sep 26, 2015

    Proof That Braids Look Best With Rainbow Hair

    Braid the rainbow.

    Braids are always beautiful, but when you use them with colorful hair, magical things happen...

    1. Like an ombre effect that contrasts your braid color with the hue closest to your scalp:

    2. And check out this major ombre:

    3. Fishtails with pastel colors bring out the detail of the style:

    4. And a fishtail in blues and greens becomes a veritable mermaid mane:

    5. Going two-tone — even in the most girly colors — looks downright edgy:

    6. Have you heard that men are all about braids these days? Well they apparently also figured out how to really make them pop:

    7. Braids are actually the perfect style to work with when you're growing out your roots:

    8. Because even just a little bit of root on a basic braid makes it that much more fashun:

    9. Even if you just want to add a few strands of color to your locks, look at what happens in a braid:

    10. And fairy tale hues start to look like they came from another world when you start twisting them together:

    11. A collection of blue braids is an unexpected pop of fun on a dark mane:

    12. Rainbow Brite literally has nothing on this girl:

    13. Doesn't all this...

    14. ...just give you...

    15. ...major hair goals?

    16. Yep.

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