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23 Problems Only '90s Girls Will Understand

Why call them "stick-on" earrings if they don't actually stick on?

1. Getting a truly stupid and embarrassing dare while playing Girl Talk.

2. Losing your stick-on earrings mere minutes after putting them on.

3. Forgetting to take your favorite Lip Smacker out of your pocket before laundry day.

4. Still waiting for your Delia's catalog to arrive when everyone else's had already come two days ago.

5. When some girl got this for her birthday and gave everyone hair wraps...which you ended up cutting out of your hair.

6. Using these to color in your nails, only to get marker all over your fingertips and clothes.

7. Having one of these sparkly pencils and losing one of the tips.

8. Putting up with all the shit your grandmother gave you about your metallic nail polish. "You look like you have a disease!"

9. Trusting your friend to do a henna tattoo on you, only to be stuck with a sloppy design for weeks.

10. Getting a Puppy Surprise with only three puppies. What a rip-off.

11. When your inflatable furniture started to look like this...

12. Dying your hair with Kool-Aid so many times that it eventually turned kind of gray.

13. Finding out that your Mall Madness credit cards were not, in fact, usable in the real world.

14. When your parents discovered that Abercrombie & Fitch was basically softcore porn and wouldn't allow you to shop there.

15. Having no one to slow dance with when they played Sixpence None the Richer's "Kiss Me."

16. Getting in trouble at school for having your bra straps showing because all you wore were spaghetti-strap tanks.

17. Similarly, getting in trouble for wearing midriff-revealing tops.

18. Getting stuck with the dreaded black ring while playing Pretty Pretty Princess.

19. Experimenting with Sun-In. Dealing with the resulting disaster.

20. Having a precious shopping trip to Urban Outfitters end abruptly when your parents decided they could no longer stand techno.

21. Getting passive-aggressively dissed via your friend's AIM away message.

22. Finding out that Manic Panic hair dye never resulted in the beautiful colors you saw in the samples.

23. Having Gap Dream be your signature scent...until the Gap cruelly discontinued it and then what were you supposed to do?