15 Pieces Of Proof That Eeyore Completely Shaped Your World Outlook

    You're the best kind of gloomy grown-up now.

    1. You handle disappointment like a champ.

    2. You're flabbergasted as to why 99.9 percent of people are idiots.

    3. Naturally, being the Smartest Person In The World also means you don't quite fit in with the popular crowd.

    4. This is your response when someone gives that infuriating "It'll all be OK!" speech.

    5. You have at least one friendship built on the foundation of bitching about life. And alcohol.

    6. When you find something you like, you stick with it. Like, just because your friends make fun of you for still using a first gen iPhone doesn't mean you're giving it up anytime soon.

    7. OK, so you often feel stuck in life. But to your credit, it's not really your fault. It's the tree's fault.

    8. You're like the weird/beautiful girl with glasses in a teen movie.

    9. You are the most rational person you know.

    10. You're adorably gullible.

    11. Every time you take a vacation to a warm spot, it inevitably rains for at least half the time. It's like you're cursed.

    12. You don't know what it is about you, but people just open up to you. And you don't even have to say anything.

    13. People always assume you're upset, but that's just the way your face is.

    14. You DO actually look on the bright side. You just do it in very different ways from others.

    15. But despite your Debbie Downer days, you always know how to party.