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    35 Pieces Of Medical Wisdom From "30 Rock's" Dr. Leo Spacemen


    1. Sometimes, doctors make you do things just to loosen you up.

    2. They may seem dumb, but pamphlets are actually very useful.

    3. The rumors are true: All tongue depressors were once popsicles.

    4. Even doctors can be squeamish sometimes.

    5. And grossed out.

    6. Take comfort in the "doctor's code."

    7. Everyone could use some more protein.

    8. Doctors don't mind prescribing to themselves; and sometimes they make dosage errors.

    9. And a good physician will just trust you with their prescription pad.

    10. But do know that some prescription treatments are a lifelong commitment.

    11. You should know that fertility specialists are usually willing to go the extra mile.

    12. Doctors are only human.

    13. And they don't know everything.

    14. Especially if it's not their specialization.

    15. Although they can help you with non-medical matters as well.

    16. And one thing you can always count on is a physician's memory.

    17. You should never rule out "homeopathic" remedies.

    18. Or other "holistic" treatments.

    19. Anyone interested in going into the field of medicine can get their start on game night.

    20. But despite going to school for about a million years, doctors have mishaps, too.

    21. You'd be surprised by how much medical terminology is actually quite straightforward.

    22. Although there's not always a classification for every medical issue.

    23. The best way to treat stress? R&R.

    24. There are many questions doctors may never find answers to.

    25. So. Many. Questions.

    26. It's probably because doctors also enjoy the philosophical side of their job, always asking, "what if?"

    27. And they like to bring new ideas and interpretations to the field.

    28. The doctor-patient confidentiality agreement is kind of what you make of it.

    29. But generally most doctors maintain very high ethical standards.

    30. ...Ethical standards that extend outside the doctor's office.

    31. There's also a reason you can't eat before surgery.

    32. Always remember that most doctors will work on a sliding scale if you can't afford treatments.

    33. A truly great doctor will really be there with you for every step of the process.

    34. And their recommendations can always be valued because they come from personal experience.

    35. But overall, when it comes to your health, we must always remember this: