22 Pieces Of Disney History You Can Own

Your own little piece of the Walt empire.

1. Getting inside the doors of Club 33 — the exclusive members-only club located in Disneyland — may be next to impossible, but you can have this pepper mill!

…for a price.

2. Just think — this 1958 map of the park was created in only the third year of Disneyland’s existence.

3. It may be pricey, but how cool is this original Snow White movie poster from Israel?

4. Back in early Disneyland days, you’d actually get a ticket to the Disneyland railroad and have to get it punched or ripped by the conductor. Here’s a rare relic of an in-tact ticket.

5. This collection of papers would let you in on some Disney secrets, as it contains correspondence about a ride that never got created. It was called “Mickey’s Madhouse” and was a thrill ride.

Ward Kimball was a legendary Disney animator.

6. This is a rare relic from the 1930s — a Charlotte Clark Mickey doll. Clark was the seamstress responsible for crafting the first line of Mickey dolls.

7. This 1950s Disneyland promotional cap for kids is adorable. (Although it would be wise not to wear it so you preserve its details!)

8. This vintage pennant seems like a bargain compared to other original 1955 merch!

9. Did you know that during WWII, Disney worked with the United States Treasury to issue bonds like this one?

10. Can you imagine seeing Cinderella in the theatre? This rare vintage poster should help you out.

11. Here’s one of the weirder (and kind of dubious, tbh) pieces of Disney history for sale — a drinking fountain once located outside Walt’s Main Street U.S.A. apartment.

The seller claims: “This Drinking Fountian bowl & Bubbler Was LOCATED AT THE Bottom of the Stairs to Walts Personal Apartment inside The Park Behind The Fire Station on Main street, it was Shared By Employees as well as Walt Himself”

12. This is an original 1950s concept drawing for Tomorrowland created by Disney Imagineer Stan Jolley.

13. Here’s a 1957 admission ticket to the Happiest Place on Earth.

14. Production drawing cels can be found in abundance on eBay and they can vary widely in price. This cel of Grumpy is a true gem.

15. Here’s a one-of-a-kind cel and drawing from something more recent. ’90s kids, here’s your chance!

16. For the Disney fan interested in really, really insider stuff — here’s a binder of patent paperwork for ride mechanisms.

17. So, these aren’t originals, but how cool would it be to see the blueprints for Splash Mountain?

18. If you’re looking for a copy of Walt’s autograph, it’ll cost you. A LOT. Here is an un-glamorous one, which claims to be authentic.

Though if you’re after a Disney autograph, the higher priced ones come with all sorts of authenticity factors. So if you have a spare $10 or so, go for it.

19. The Sherman Brothers composed many of Disney’s classic songs. Here’s a 45 signed by Richard Sherman himself.

20. How about a pole just like the Main Street, U.S.A. poles? This cost won’t include shipping, which will be a pretty penny.

It’s a bit unclear if this item was once used in a park or if it’s the exact manufacture of the poles used in the park — either way, if you’re looking to build your own little piece of Disneyland, you could start here.

21. Check out this original Japanese Winnie the Pooh poster!

22. But this might be the best of all. According to the seller, the story with this is that it’s a real cast member tag, but had to have been made as a joke item “on the sly.” Which would make it very rare indeed.

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