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16 Images That Will Fill '90s Girls With Immense Joy

Viva forever.

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1. This Spice Girls wallet in freakin' mint condition:

2. This watch-ring, which reminds you of the hilarious impracticality of these things:

3. These beauty products in their original packaging...which you haven't seen in two decades:

4. This smiley face bracelet, bringing you back to every trip to Claire's:

5. This Girl Talk phone, which will make you wonder why you don't still have a landline:

6. This cartoon, which you might not want to admit turns you on:

7. This snapshot of what your bathroom looked like as a little girl:

8. And this Beauty and the Beast bedspread, which brings you right back to your old bedroom:

9. This girl who A) saved her Felicity dress and B) can still fit into it, giving you so many goals:

10. This rare Tinkerbell relic, which will make you wish you saved all your beauty stuff:

11. This 10 Things I Hate About You water bottle, which is just too perfect for words:

12. This beautiful artistic rendering of the world's best nail polish:

13. This Clueless fashion and makeup game, which you maybe didn't even know existed! But knowing that it did makes you filled with glee:

14. These amazing '90s cookies, which would be too pretty to eat:

15. This leftover piece of packaging from the all-holy Limited Too:

16. And this collection of Caboodles, which you're now realizing, really need to make a comeback:

...along with everything else in this post.