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21 Pictures That Are Too Real If You Are In Your Thirties

Look at my beautiful kale sprouts. LOOK AT THEM.

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1. Because you literally cannot believe how cruel red wine is to you:

2. Because this accurately depicts how you felt leading up to your thirtieth birthday:

My life is sad, lumpy pancakes.

3. Because you at least feel the obligation to purchase healthy foods:

Even if you don't eat half of them.

4. And because when you do make healthy foods (like KALE SPROUTS WHATEVER THE HELL THOSE ARE???), you feel compelled to provide Instagram proof of your healthy living:

Be proud of me.

5. Because Tinder is the bane of your existence:


6. And because when you do find someone you like, this pretty much sums up your agenda:


7. Because your dry cleaning bill has become a source of weekly annoyance:

What did you do with all your dry clean-only stuff in your early 20s? Just...wear it over and over again? Yeah.

8. Because you force yourself to take vitamins, and wine will do when water isn't around:

It's healthier this way. I read that on the internet.

9. Because this is literally all you ever want in life:

10. Because you are the last generation in this world to have this be a part of your history:

No one else understands.

11. Because you now take so much pride in organizational accomplishments:

Hey, I mean, this is amazing.

12. Because nowadays you can't help but notice how YOUNG everyone is:

But whatever: 30, flirty, and fabulous AMIRITE??

13. Because it's insane how many of these you get per week:

Literally what happened that in the past few years that AmEx has decided to court me HARD.

14. And because bills only get bigger:

And sometimes require alcohol to be dealt with.

15. Because you can never seem to remember that you no longer have the tolerance of a 22 year old:

Three wines and I'm dead.

16. Because staying up late or attending music festivals are fun in theory but not actually fun anymore:

Remember when you thought, "Sure, I'll go to Stacey's 10 p.m. birthday — I'll just have a nap before." And then you had a nap and you were like, "no."

17. Because you're proud about being a boss:

Showing off that blazer game is a badge of thirtysomething pride, don't ya know?

18. Because every magazine cover should look like this:

Also, you are definitely browsing this in the checkout lane.

19. Because literally any time you complain about your age, you hear, "but you look so young!"

I AM young, OK???

20. Because this is how you feel every time someone asks you about your 401k:

I have one...I just don't know what it does.

21. And because you know you don't have to have all your shit together:

That's what your 40s are for, right?

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