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11 Pictures Of Car Phones That Belong In A Museum

This exhibition made possible by hilarious outdated technology.

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1. America Talks, c. 1947

2. Woman Uncomfortably Surrounded by Spectators, c. 1948

Eileen Darby/Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

3. Man With Cigar and Car Phone, c. 1953

George Skadding//Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

4. Gentleman Calls Home, c. 1956

Verner Reed//Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

5. Portrait of an Old Lady and Car Telephone, c. 1960

Walter Sanders/Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

6. American Dynasty, c. 1980s

7. Geisha With Car Phone, c. 1988

Paul Chesley/National Geographic / Getty Images

8. The Vices of Miami, c. 1980s

9. Hotshot, c. 1990

Georges De Keerle / Getty Images

10. Models in the Afternoon, c. 1991

11. Rahm Emanuel Phones Home, c. 1998

Karin Cooper / Getty Images

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