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23 Perfectly Quaint Wes Anderson Products

For everyone who has ever saved Latin.

1. Moonrise Kingdom Quote Print, $14.99

Perfect for lady book lovers! From Suzy's touching admission about her favorite types of stories.

2. Team Zissou Swim Shorts, $49.90

You're going to need waterproof gear to hunt a Jaguar shark.

3. "I Saved Latin" Pin, $1.65

For those, like the Rushmore character Max, who take on "noble" causes.

4. A Handmade Kahki Scout Patch, $9.99.

To complete your Khaki Scout uniform.

5. The Baumer Iron-On Patch, $10

If you fully endorse Richie Tenenbaum-style on-court meltdowns.

6. Set Of 12 Wes Anderson Movie Pins, $6.20

Because it's impossible to chose a favorite film.

7. François Voltaire Travel Clutch, $149

You can personalize this leather zipper pouch — inspired by the Hotel Chevalier and The Darjeeling Limited — with your initials.

8. The Royal Tenenbaums Movie Poster, $32

Always prepared.

9. Rushmore Quote Embroidery Hoop, $30



The best part of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

11. Moonrise Kingdom Quote Print, $15

Perfect Valentine's Day gift for the enigmatic woman or man you love.

12. L'Air De Panache Perfume Bottle

Inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel! Find it in a French boutique, ooh la la.

13. Minimalist Bottle Rocket Poster, $18

To prove you're a real Wes Anderson fan, you've got to have swag from the director's first film.

14. Zissou Society Membership Ring, $19.95

Officially a member of the coolest club.

15. Moonrise Kingdom iPhone Case, $22.41

Dear Suzy: When?

::Hits send::

16. The Royal Tenenbaums Postcard, $1.50

Best dysfunctional family ever.

17. The Grand Budapest Hotel Notebooks, $8.73

For the Young Author.

18. 375th St. Y T-Shirt, $21.99

Just heading uptown for some exercise with my Tenenbaum bros.

19. Custom Zissou Adidas, $180.38

Holy moly these are expensive but holy moly are they awesome.

20. The Darjeeling Limited Poster, $26

Remind yourself to let go.

21. Moonrise Kingdom Earrings, $2.80

You can pretty much hear these Sam and Suzy earrings saying "I love you too but I have no idea what you're talking about."

22. Mendl's Patisserie Mug, $25.77

If only you could enjoy a real courtesan au chocolat with your cup of coffee.

23. Margot Tenenbaum Charm Necklace, $20

For the loner who is also a genius. And maybe a closeted smoker.