People Are Now Selling Vintage Pay Phones On eBay

We old.

Nostalgic for a time of great inconvenience? A time of loose change, or in more dire scenarios, 1-800-COLLECT? A time when you regularly put your mouth in close proximity to a spot thousands of strangers also put their mouths? On a daily basis?

You’re in luck. Old, erm, “vintage” pay phones are now available in abundance on eBay.

2. For a mere $1,395 you can own this used phone booth, which is described as being in “excellent” condition despite “missing 2 plexiglass inserts.”


3. Here’s an exciting offer: “$999 PAY PHONE COIN Vintage 1980-1990’s in Half Booth Lighted with keys BRAND NEW!”

Holy shit! Brand new?!?!?

4. This begs the question…what does one do with an old pay phone? This $349.95 Wisconsin Bell model is set for home use…

Which seems just as annoying as it was in the ’90s. But! According to the description: “This phone doesn’t need any coins to operate but is set for coins to fall straight in the cash box so it can be used as a bank.”

5. In conclusion: #hipsterbank #stuffthatmakesyoufeelold

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