Paul Rudd Delivers Award Winning Performance In ‘92 Toyota Commercial

Rudd and The Tercel…this is a thing of beauty.

1. Here’s Paul Rudd at the very start of his acting career, at a fresh 23-years-old, playing the brother of a guy who just got a cool new Toyota Tercel.

2. Let us review this epic performance. Ever the suave little bro, Paul works that leather jacket and landline while asking his big bro about THE NEW CAR.

3. PLOT TWIST! Paul wants to borrow THE NEW CAR. What will happen next?

4. Paul speeds to his brother’s house where there’s a tense moment. It appears as though our hero has been tricked! His dreams of driving THE NEW CAR are over!

5. Oh thank God. Big bro has a change of heart and Paul’s quest may now be fulfilled. He can now ride in the new Toyota Tercel. His life is perfect and complete.

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