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    One Thing All Type 1 Diabetics At Disneyland Should Know

    Dealing with lows at the happiest place on Earth.

    If you are a type 1 diabetic, you know that any excursion — anywhere — requires more planning than the average person.

    So, you know that gearing up for an entire day at Disneyland (or Disney World) can be kind of intense.

    Of course, you have your glucose meter, supplies, and insulin to start...

    But you're also going to be carrying around a bunch of other stuff to deal with your levels — Cokes or juices, glucose tablets or gel, and lots of extra snacks, just in case.

    All that walking and standing means you need to pay extra attention to your levels.

    (Not to mention the heat, which also effects your levels.)

    So what if you have a hypo while you're waiting on line for a ride? Most likely, you'll want to get out of line, and recover somewhere comfortably until your levels pick back up.

    Which can be especially frustrating if you've ALREADY been waiting in a long line.

    But guess what? Literally all you have to do is explain what happened to a crew member working the line. They'll give you this handy slip, and let you in the FastPass line:

    Problem solved. (Well, it at least is a really nice thing to know that having a low won't ruin your trip to Disney.)