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    13 Games Based On Bands That You Won't Believe Actually Exist

    This is what happens when musical acts like Aqua try to make board games.

    1. Aqua: Around the World

    You are Aqua's tour manager and you've got to get them around the world. Without people suffering irreparable emotional damage from hearing "Barbie Girl."

    2. 98°: Play For Keeps

    Correctly answer trivia about this forgotten boy band and win prizes. Presumably, the biggest prize is realizing how embarrassing this game is.

    3. Duran Duran: Into the Arena

    You get to collect little discs that look like Duran Duran record singles, then you get video tiles, and then band member tiles. It actually sound kind of complicated.

    4. Backstreet Boys: Around the World

    Answer trivia questions correctly to advance on the board. The first BSB Fan to make it "around the world" wins. Basically, it's a race to be the craziest groupie.

    5. Kiss: On Tour Game

    Follow the gang to places like the "record shop" or "the club" until you win or just decide you're over KISS.

    6. M.C. Hammer's Rap a Round

    Omg this one involves a cassette tape with M.C. giving you instructions. Complete raps and revel in hilarity.

    7. New Kids on the Block Card Game

    It's a gin rummy-style card game with faces of the guys on cards!

    8. NSYNC: Backstage Pass

    I leave this one to this eloquent Amazon review from 2000: "This Game Is Fun For The Whole Family! I Have Not Yet Won The Backstage Pass. But I Know I Will Get It Some Time. I Think Anybody That is An *NSYNC Fan Should Definitely Get This Game, It IS Really Cute! And Fun To Win (So My Friends Tell Me) PS This Game Is Really Fun To have At Birthday Parties!So I Hope U Think About Buying It! Because I Know U Will Enjoy."

    9. S Club 7 Board Game

    Here's another trivia game, but it involves special rings. Which you'll definitely lose in the couch.

    10. New Kids on the Block Game

    Try to collect all four band members to win. And by band members, I mean cards with their faces on them. Which you can kiss in your spare time.

    11. NSYNC Uno

    OMG, NSYNC Uno. And with a free CD? Sign me up.

    12. Green Day: Playing With Matches

    A Green Day-themed memory-meets-trivia card game. Randommmmm.

    13. Vanilla Ice Electronic Rap Game

    Complete raps by filling in your own rhymes. YAAAASSS!

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