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    8 Movie Moments You Once Thought Were Soooo Deep

    This is so embarrassing.

    1. The goodbye scene in Lost in Translation

    In this movie, Scarlett and Bill changed each other and because Air was playing for most of it, this was some motherfucking beautiful shit. But then they have to say goodbye and she whispers in his ear but you don't know what she says and OMG WHAT DOES SHE SAY and how can they not just live in that moment forever, Sofia Coppola? But you got it.

    Your deep-thought takeaway: People are beautiful.

    2. The bag scene from American Beauty

    This is the most beautiful thing Ricky has ever filmed. A plastic bag "dancing" in the air. You saw this and you suddenly felt like you didn't have to be alone anymore. Not when you could have a relationship with a plastic bag.

    Your deep-thought takeaway: Plastic bags are beautiful.

    3. The audition scene in Billy Elliot

    Billy thinks his audition goes terribly, but when he's asked what it feels like when he's dancing...the words are just in him. And his asshole macho father understands it finally. Humans! We have inner passions!

    Your deep-thought takeaway: This is totally how you felt about photography when you went through your artistic phase.

    4. When Molly Singer does this in Corrina, Corrina

    She has laid out the dress of her dead mother and put her hand into the dress's pocket. In this moment, you understand Molly's grief. Symbolism, man.

    Your deep-thought takeaway: Oh shit, people die.

    5. Winona Ryder turning in the snow in Edward Scissorhands

    This scene — of Kim turning in the snow Edward makes — comes at the end of the film and is actually a flashback from the story Kim is telling as an old lady. It's so sad! They can't be together! But he'll always make it snow for her! It's a moment of beauty.

    Your deep-thought takeaway: Human connections and stuff.

    6. Don Cheadle saying this in Crash

    This is so profound, right? The world is so messed up and now you see it, so thank you, Don Cheadle. Nevermind that what follows is a nonsense reduction of race.

    Your deep-thought takeaway: It's so deep, you can't even. (Meaning you actually didn't get what was going on.)

    7. When Zach Braff listens to The Shins in Garden State

    It's the moment when Zach Braff's life starts turning around. He's so sad. But then it's this glorious music that opens up everything. And the song is so good. Or at least you thought that in 2004.

    Your deep-thought takeaway: When music plays, it makes things deep.

    8. Kirsten Dunst's voiceover in Crazy/Beautiful.

    Kirsten Dunst's opening monologue in Crazy/Beautiful, was, like, the deepest. You can be anywhere when your life begins? OMG, how do you even wrap your mind around this? Guess that means you should start exploring new things. Like all the sex and drugs. Just kidding.

    Your your deep-thought takeaway: Life is crazy and beautiful.

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