The 21 Most Embarrassing Pages Of The 1993 J.C. Penney Fall Catalog

    Mom jeans and jazzy shirts galore.

    1. LOLOL WAIT. That's a TYPEWRITER with PRINTER paper. Get your technology straight, lady! You can't be living in two centuries at once!

    2. Watch out, Ricky Martin! The J.C. Penney boys and their shirts are taking over.

    3. Turtlenecks were so in vogue in the '90s.

    4. OMG yessss, you match those weights to your windsuit. Speedwalk like the wind.

    5. Oh hello, Rebecca Gayheart. Nice pleated pants.

    6. And nice mom jeans.

    7. Once upon a time, the hottest boy in school wore cargo pants.

    8. Vests, Dr. Martens, floral hats, stirrup pants: Everything about this is so fourth grade.

    9. Actually adorable. Every boy had those huge basketball shoes.

    10. Oh hay, it's your date. Here and ready to pick you up for the eighth grade formal.

    11. '90s fashion DO: Tuck your shirt into your sweatpants. High class comfort.

    12. Oh man. Those hats with the little earflaps attached. Who had one of those? ::raises hand::

    13. Children of the world come together. And it's all because of J.C. Penney.

    14. Sporty. Suspender. Set.

    15. Lady, that button on your oversized suede skirt-suit is so low, what's even the point?


    17. Those eyebrows.

    18. Nothing sexier than Jurassic Park jammies.

    19. Was this your bedroom? It was? Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

    20. Great, I'll meet you at 4 p.m. in the boys' locker room to trade baseball cards. Be sure to wear your long johns.

    21. I DoooOOOoooOOoooOooooo!!