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The 25 Most Disturbing Goosebumps Book Covers

Click here and die!

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Here, a collection of covers from the R.L. Stine's famed Goosebumps series, ranked by their level of disturbing-ness.

25. Scarecrows: Never scary to birds, always creepy to humans.

24. OK, this is to be expected of R.L. Stine. I give it a 5 on the chill scale.

23. It would be scarier if the wax museum was Madame Tussauds and it was a haunted Paris Hilton wax figure.

22. These two. Headed for divorce, clearly.

21. This is the story of Grumpy Cat on her period.

20. Will make you terrified to ever reach for anything but the detergent at the front of the cabinet.

19. Most socially awkward BBQ ever.

18. This lady has problems.

17. That mask is gross, yes. But why is your head so big??

16. Hands! Ewww.

15. Did we really read this stuff as kids? It looks truly terrifying.

14. I mean. No one wants to be this close to their family, ever.

13. Definitely not a child molester.

12. OMG what did you do to grandma?

11. Can't stop staring at your missing nose. Sorry.

10. This is what I imagine happening every time I get into a body of water, so thanks, Goosebumps. Never swimming again.

9. Oh sheeeiiiit that bunny has mad issues.

8. Don't think of this image as you're falling asleep. Just don't...crap.

7. Funny, when I think of my identity crisis, I picture this.

6. What did R.L. Stine do to you?

5. Oh dear lord. Never recovering from this.

4. Nor this. It's not quite the hiked-up pants nor the suggestion of slight man boob...but rather those teeth. Get away, Teeth!

3. Please stop.

2. I'm begging you.

1. Thoroughly disturbed. Curling up in a ball now. Kthanxbye.

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