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    The 33 Most '90s Moments On "Dawson's Creek"

    Not including that Paula Cole song from the credits.

    1. That time Joey painted Jack and it was just like THAT SCENE from Titanic.

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    (The naked one.)

    2. When Dawson reminded Joey that the '90s were a dangerous time.

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    3. When Pacey reminded Andie that the '90s was indeed a fucked-up time.

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    4. When Jen pointed out that 1998 was an especially dangerous year to be getting laid.

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    5. When Joey and Jen said "cheers" with bottles of Nantucket Nectar.

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    6. When Jack threw this really clever zinger back at Andie.

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    7. Joey Potter's signature middle part.

    8. Dawson's middle part.

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    Dawson rejects the reality that middle parts on guys should have never happened.


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    10. When Dawson and Pacey had a heated discussion about the X-Files while at the salon.

    Probably getting haircuts with middle parts.

    11. When Pacey clearly switched hairdressers because: bleached tips.

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    12. When Pacey wore a crushed velvet shirt.


    13. When Joey wore this bucket hat.

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    14. When Dawson used this to create his highbrow masterpieces.

    15. When the gang goes to the movies and they see Waiting for Guffman.

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    16. When Dawson wore a backward baseball cap and thought he was so cool.

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    Surprised to see he's two-strappin' it with that Jansport. So not cool.

    17. When Jen dared Dawson to steal an Urban Decay lipstick.

    18. When Andie was positively covered in body glitter.

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    19. When "joystick" was still a viable and common metaphor for PENIS.

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    20. Whenever Joey wore a top. Because it was always from Delia's. Always.

    21. When the gang took a purity test from Jane magazine.

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    Jane mag, RIP.

    22. When Chris (some super rich guy who wants to sleep with Jen) invites the gang over to study and his little sister is reading YM magazine.

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    YM, RIP.

    23. When Jen said the word "cybersex."

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    24. When Jack got an IM that looked like this...and also didn't know how to close the window.

    25. When this random librarian admitted to dating a guy "from the internet."

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    26. When Gretchen suggested Morcheeba.

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    No you may not suggest Morcheeba, Gretchen.

    27. When people knew who Toad the Wet Sprocket was.

    28. That time when the girl from She's All That was on the show.

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    (Rachel Leigh Cook.)

    29. When Dawson and Pacey worked in a video store.


    30. When this hairstyle happened.

    31. When Dawson expressed his feelings of loserdom by using this hand gesture.

    32. When Dawson tried to watch scrambled porn.

    33. When the girls found Dawson's porn. Which was a) on VHS, and b) a parody of Good Will Hunting.

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    ::slow clap::

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