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23 Of The Most '90s Fashions From The Spring '97 Delia's Catalog

Have you conveniently forgotten about your love for all things lime green?

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Flickr: missjille

Ahh, Spring 1997. A time rich in culture. Your ears had recently been exposed to "MMMBop" (never to recover). The seminal classic Cats Don't Dance hit theaters. Buffy began kicking vampire butt on the WB. And Eddie Murphy was caught with a transsexual prostitute.

Taking you even deeper back into that year, this Delia's Spring 1997 catalog — courtesy of I Heart the '90s — will dig up long-forgotten sartorial memories. Here, reflections on the most '90s fashions contained therein.

11. These pants.

Flickr: missjille

They were called FATIGUES, remember? Like this is what you wore when you were fatigued of all your other pants. Or were you already tired of them when you wore them? Did they make you tired? I find this confusing.

18. These baggy cords.

Flickr: missjille

Because it was kinda lame to wear jeans every day of the week, you needed corduroys so big, the cuffs had holes in them from dragging on the ground. This somehow made sense 17 years ago. (OH SHIT 17 FUCKING YEARS? THE FUCK?)

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