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    "Microwave Cooking For One" Is A Real 1980s Book

    And it's even more depressing than it sounds.

    Last night, on "The Mindy Project," Mindy got an extremely depressing book as a birthday present: "Microwave Cooking For One."

    Turns out, this is (sadly) a real book, published by a Marie Smith (c'mon, that's a made up name!) in 1986.

    They had microwaves in 1986.

    Turns out, this is an even worse gift to give a single girl than Mindy's friends thought.

    Because author Marie Smith explains how her forays into microwave cuisine were prompted by her husband's business trips and grown children. This lady is not single. But even worse, she's married and alone. Nothing that Mindy can look forward to.

    For such a simple machine, one apparently needs all the equipment one would normally cook with.

    Including many, many utensils. A pastry blender? Really?

    First most important ingredients: bacon and butter.

    Maybe the recipes aren't so bad?

    From the back cover. Delectable dishes await you inside...

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