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    "Medieval Air" Is The Cutest 1998 Class Project

    Next stop, 1398! These kids went above and beyond with this video assignment for their history class.

    Once upon a time, in 1998, a group of 7th graders set out to make a class project. The result is this video and the birth of "Medieval Air," a time travel airline...

    And so the story begins. The happy couple arrives at the travel agency to book their trip.

    They arrive at the airport where a crowd of extras magically glides across the screen.

    Cool special effects, guys!

    Oh, no! They almost miss their flight!

    They board just in time.

    And now for a series of random gasps.

    Your captain.

    They arrive in the past! At a castle!

    And this noble man attempts to greet the young lady like this. Her boyfriend will have none of that.

    And finally, something to actually fulfill the assignment in the vaguest way possible..."Pictures from the other days."

    The full "Medieval Air" video:

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