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    Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Designed Teen Bedroom Furniture In 2005

    Which Olsen décor style are you? City Style or Country Chic?

    Among the many, many products of the Mary-Kate and Ashley empire that made them multi-millionaires, one initiative slipped under the radar: furniture. In 2005, the Olsens teamed up with AP Industries (a major furniture manufacturer) to create a line of bedroom pieces for teens. Retailers that carried the line included Canadian Sears branches, Levitz, and Big's Bedrooms.

    Naturally, there were two different style routes the lucky teen could pick...

    The "Country Chic" Option

    The "City Style" Option

    A USA Today article covering the furniture line and the Olsens' business said this:

    The twins, for example, had final say over the furniture line made by Canadian manufacturer AP Industries. They wanted an antique look, though their tastes diverge a bit. Ashley favored white, celery and other "classically styled" colors, Reichenberger says. Mary-Kate chose darker, more weathered looks. The two focused on details down to hardware.

    The product line brochure. So many customizable options!

    Some marketing/promotional shots. This was during Mary-Kate's wispy boho phase.

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