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22 Kid Fashion Tips That Will Change Your Life

Under five and looking fly.

1. Wear T-shirts that speak the truth. BORN NAKED, YA HEAR ME NOW, GROWNUPS?

2. Going the matchy-matchy route can be a good thing. A very good thing.

3. Try the DIY. This clever fellow has put fringe on his outfit and the result is mall fabulous.

4. Werk those oversized items.

5. Important: Always dress like you are about to have brunch at Pastis with Beyoncé.

6. Protip: Invest in a leather jacket. It's worth it, even if you have to do extra chores for a month to make up for it.

7. Don't be afraid to mix team pride. It's EDGY and CONTROVERSIAL.

8. Layer. It. Up. Literally, two jackets at once is the latest thing HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS OMG ADULTS.

9. Patterns, baby, patterns.

10. Make everyday a #tbt. No matter if you were -34 when your outfit was last cool.

11. Men: Don't be afraid to accessorize.

12. Fashion counts when you're flying, too. Travel in style! How else are you gonna get your upgrade to first class?

13. The art of looking cool and casual is a balance of careful styling: Be a bit rumpled, but purposefully so.

14. Ballerina-inspired items should be a staple of any lady's wardrobe.

15. Pants? OVERRATED.

16. Create an outfit that plays on one color scheme. The result is literally perfection.

17. Embrace your inner Coachella attendee look all year round because why should the music ever stop?

18. Dress like a stylish granny. It just works. Don't ask questions.

19. Allow this young gentleman to introduce you to the saving grace of the half-tucked shirt. People will wonder why you look so damn good.

20. Just dress like this. I mean, god. DRESS LIKE THIS. Please.

21. You should not be afraid to wear fake glasses. And if anyone asks, they're your faux lunettes.

22. And finally, when in doubt, style is all about the attitude you wear with your outfit.