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    Katherine Heigl's Teenage Modeling Career Was Surprisingly Awesome

    She was such a '90s girl!

    Before Katherine Heigl really broke into acting (her first big role was My Father, the Hero in '94), she was doing quite well with modeling.

    Here she is on the cover of Seventeen's August 1994 issue. She would have been 16 in this picture.

    In the mid-'90s, Seventeen ended up using her for several photo shoots.

    And they made sure her hair always looked amazing.

    She inspired such powerful words as "You glo, girl."

    And hung out with boys with middle parts.

    There is nothing about this outfit that I wouldn't do today.

    She could look incredibly high-fashion.

    Or like the girl-next-door, ready for the Homecoming Dance.

    Remember when we all used to wear our shirts like that?

    Is that you, Mia Thermopolis?

    Your hair was truly amazing. Truly.


    BRB, trying out this hairstyle right now.

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