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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Was Very Enthusiastic On "Jeopardy" In 1997

    Joey went on Celebrity Jeopardy and was VERY excited. His opponents were Kirsten Dunst and that kid from The Nanny.

    Before you do anything YOU MUST WATCH THIS.

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    OMG. JGL is a total nerd! <3

    Here's Joey Gordon-Levitt making his snazzy entrance on "Celebrity Jeopardy" in 1997.

    Oh hayyyyy.

    His opponents were Kiki...

    And that kid from "The Nanny."

    Kirsten is playing to support a pediatric AIDS foundation, Benjamin will give his winnings to cystic fibrosis. Joey's charity choice took a different path.

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    Joe picked a foundation called Zero Population Growth, which is now called Population Connection.

    Let's get started. Here are the categories for round one.

    Here's the very first clue, and no one buzzes in. Really, guys?!

    Moby Dick. It's Moby Dick, guys.

    JGL's answer for this: "Who is Celine Dion?" I can't even. We're through.

    C'mon, Kiki.

    Seriously, girl.


    By the way, Benjamin just happens to pick ALL the Daily Doubles (pfff he would). He got this question right.

    Anna Paquin! Fly Away Home FTW!

    We're now up to round two. Here are the categories:

    And at this point, Benjamin is leading with $2300, followed by Joey with $1400, and Kiki last with $500.

    Kiki offers this answer: Pluto.

    Let's read this again: Of VENUS, MARS, or SATURN. This is multiple choice, dear.

    Bad Kiki! Here are the scores at the end of round two, before Final Jeopardy.

    Ordinarily, Kirsten would have to drop out. But because this is getting embarrassing, Alex Trebek just gives her some free money. All better!

    Here's the challenge for Final Jeopardy. The category: "The Insect World." Doo doo doo doo...

    Kiki's answer: "What is a tirantula [sic]?"

    Wrong! She wagers $1,000. Bringing her score to $0.

    Joe, how 'bout you? "What is Beetle?"

    Wrong! Joey wagers $4,600 bringing him to meet Dunsty at $0.

    Ben: "What is Mosquito?"

    Also wrong. He wagers $4,999 bringing his score to $1.

    Benjamin is the winner! He can't believe it!

    Buuuut because this is for charity, the final scores magically look like this. So much moneyyyy. Good job, guys.

    Watch the entire episode here.

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