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"Jack" Is Actually The Saddest, Most Terrifying Kids' Movie Ever

In 1996, Robin Williams played a 10-year-old who looked 40 due to a rare condition. Francis Ford Coppola directed it. (Really.)

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Jack is the story of a child born with a condition that makes him age four times the normal rate. It is supposed to be a family-friendly tale about a grown man who is a child (which is supposed to be funny) and "living life to its fullest."

It is in fact one of the saddest movies you have ever seen. It will create a black hole of melancholia inside you that will never again be filled with happiness.

He looks adorable now, but by the time he is 10, Jack will look like a full grown man.

Just stop and try to comprehend how this would feel. You are a parent. You have just given birth to your first child who won't remain that way for long. You will be dealing with boners far sooner than you ever thought.


But eventually, he does make friends.

But his friends make him act like a real grown-up and ask him do things like buy Penthouse magazines and pretend to be the principal. The result of which is that The Nanny hits on Jack. Reminder: He's 10.


In the end, Jack graduates high school and gives the valedictorian speech. We're supposed to feel happy for him.

But it's just too sad. He looks older than his parents (who have new babies now so they can be happy know). Although Jack gives an inspiring speech about embracing life, you just can't handle it. Especially if you're eight-years-old and are watching this for the first time in the theater. You're not stupid. You get it. He's going to die very soon.

THE END, indeed.