Is It Better To Be A Tech Worker In Los Angeles Or San Francisco?

    This infographic compares life in the two cities.

    Hired is a company that describes itself as a "two-sided marketplace created specifically for Engineers, Data Scientists, Designers and Product Managers who are overwhelmed with job opportunities."

    They recently put together an infographic comparing life for tech workers in L.A. and San Francisco:

    L.A. has an advantage when it comes to weather, however it's ranked far lower on a happiness scale than S.F.

    In L.A., you'll be driving a lot. San Fran would be better for people who prefer public transportation or biking.

    L.A. appears to have fewer job opportunities and lower average salaries. But coffee in S.F. costs a fortune, apparently.

    If you're a beach person and you're single, Los Angeles seems to be a better bet.

    But L.A. has a huge advantage in the housing department. Rents are nearly twice as much in San Francisco, and the median price of a home is nearly $1 million!