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    21 Intense Vegan Tattoos

    Vegans who take their ink seriously.

    1. Neck yourself before you wreck yourself.

    2. This cow is not to be messed with.

    3. Is this what it looks like inside a vegan's dreams?

    4. Lamb liberation.

    5. This had to hurt!

    6. Never eating doner again.

    7. Hungry for tattoo.

    8. A carrot straight to the heart.

    9. This very intricate tattoo definitely takes dedication.

    10. If veganism was turned into a horror movie.

    11. Oink.

    12. This is not bacon.

    13. Broccoli power!

    14. Written loud and proud.

    15. Run free, animals!

    16. For your vegan heavy metal band.

    17. Abstract veganism.

    18. Real men get tattoos that say things about real men.

    19. Up here, eyes, up here. My TATTOO IS UP HERE.

    20. Berry nice.

    21. No words.