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    16 Brilliant Summer Hair Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

    Humidity's a bitch.

    1. To cut down on horribly hot blow drying time, absorb extra moisture in your hair with paper towels.

    This crazy simple trick will surprise you — squeezing paper towels along the length and at the root of your strands will draw out wetness.

    2. Another way to avoid excessive drying time? Blowpro, a magical blow dry lotion that speeds up the process.

    3. To combat frizz on a daily basis, try this coconut spray (a little goes a long way).

    Find out how to make it here.

    4. And here's a DIY yogurt and honey anti-frizz hair mask for more heavy duty protection.

    Get the recipe here.

    5. Here's a no-heat hairstyle that will last for two days. Tuck locks under a headband. Let them out the next day for natural waves.

    You can also sleep with this hairstyle to get the same effect.

    6. For hair ravaged by chlorine: A baking soda rinse will remove green hues.

    More info here. Other homemade remedies include ketchup and aspirin.

    7. Don't spend $$$ on designer beach hair spray. You can totally make your own.

    8. To avoid blow drying all together, there's this hairstyle you can do with wet locks.

    Learn how to do this loose triple bun (and other wet hair styles!) here.

    9. A minor (yet enjoyable way) to beat the heat: cooling shampoos and conditioners that make your scalp tingle. Look for peppermint or tea tree ingredients.

    American Crew's minty cooling conditioner is $16 at Loxa Beauty.

    10. Using honey or lemon are just a few of the many ways to get sun-kissed highlights.

    Read about various lightening methods here!

    11. DIY your own flower crown for outdoor concerts or nights out.

    Find instructions here.

    12. Girls with natural hair can try a homemade hair cream to fight frizz and humidity. Apply before creating twists to make your style summer-proof.

    Get the recipe and more info here.

    13. Here's another DIY recipe for natural hair, which uses aloe vera, honey, and olive oil. The spray acts as a leave-in conditioner, keeping moisture in your hair.

    Get the recipe here.

    14. Your hair needs sunscreen too. Aveda's Sun Care provides a UV filter, protecting your hair from summer dryness and damage.

    15. Because you're probably getting your hair off your neck everyday, try this pretty variation on your go-to top knot to mix things up!

    Instructions here.

    16. When your hair inevitably becomes so dry it's practically straw, try this ridiculously simple coconut oil hair mask. Easy peasy.

    This guide advises leaving in the oil overnight. However you'll also get fabulous results by just letting it sit for an hour.