The 27 Most Comforting Feelings In The Whole Wide World

If only everyone talked in a Bob Ross whisper.

1. The sound of Bob Ross’ voice.

2. As well as the creamy texture of his paints.


3. Perfectly smooth, untouched snow.

Bob Lai Photography/Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: tawcan

4. The smell and feeling of morning mist.

Guy Mayer/Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 10422334@N08

5. The sound of snow falling off branches.

Carrie Eberhardt/Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: cjrphotos

6. Having someone play with your hair.

7. A warm, purring cat.

8. The sound of cracking into a crème brulée.

9. Jumping into a cold pool or lake on a hot summer day.

10. Drinking a cold beer while taking a warm shower.

11. The sound of rain when you’re sleeping or napping.

12. Crisp, cold, and super clean-tasting water.

13. Picking up the scent of a loved one on their clothing or bedding.

14. Waking up with no alarm, completely naturally.

15. The feel of fabric against your skin on a breezy day.

16. The hypnotic sound of typing.

17. The smell of a match when you first light it.

Via Flickr: suratlozowick / Creative Commons

18. That click, click, click sound of a cat’s paws on the floor.

19. And dog claws on hardwood floors.

20. Long, long hugs that you put all your heart into.

21. The breeze blowing your curtains on a warm day.

22. The first stretch of the morning.

23. That smell that reminds you of a fond memory.

24. Putting on your comfiest clothing.

25. Walking barefoot in grass.

Via Flickr: jamelah / Creative Commons

26. Skinny dipping and feeling like you’re freeeeeeee!

27. Remembering something hilarious and laughing to yourself.

It’s good to be a human.

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