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    15 Incredible Products Any "Clueless" Fan Must Own

    Survey says? ALL OF THEM.

    1. Cher Horowitz Watercolor Illustration Tee, $38.87

    For when your party clothes are too binding, there's this comfy and awesome tee.

    2. Sterling Silver "Whatever" Pendant, $79.65

    Get two: If she doesn't wear the necklace, I can't wear mine.

    3. Clueless Pillar Candle, $25

    Blessed art thou, Cher of the Universe.

    4. Cher Stained Glass Window Decal, $19

    For The Holy House of Horowitz.

    5. Acrylic Clueless Necklace, $13.99

    So adorably clueless.

    6. Clueless Matryoshka Dolls, $190


    7. Cher Illustrated T-Shirt, $31.10

    Definitely not from Judy's.

    8. Tai Quote Needlepoint, $38

    That was way harsh, Needlepoint.

    9. "As If!" Felt Banner, $14

    Words to live by.

    10. "I Hope Not Sporadically" Pencil Set, $4.28

    I'll be writin' ya!

    11. "Granola Breath" Pin, $1.50

    It's called a goatee.

    12. "Whatever" Hands Card, $4.75

    Appropriate for any type of correspondence. You know, for when you can't call or page someone.

    13. "Rollin' With the Homies" Tote Bag, $22

    Good news is when you're so over Elton, you can burn this bag.

    14. Clueless Makeup Pouch, $14

    Your main thrill in life is a makeover. Your second main thrill in life is the bag containing your makeover tools.

    15. Dionne Quote Print, $13.99

    And this, my friends, is how every Clueless fan will eventually talk to their children about the Bettes and the Baldwins.

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