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Jan 8, 2015

21 Images That Will Give All Women Anxiety

DON'T GO INTO YOUR MAKEUP BAG, it's haunted with spilled stuff.

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1. Your birth control pills looking like this:

2. This very high heel about to walk over a sidewalk grate:

3. This text after sending someone to the store to get tampons:

4. Wearing this when you have to pee:

5. This bottle of nail polish all over this carpet:

6. Being stuck wearing these shoes...

7. ...right before walking down THESE STAIRS.

8. Seeing this on your period tracking app:

9. The inside of this makeup bag:

10. This incredibly stuck hair brush:

11. Just seeing this underwire poking out literally makes you feel the pain of a broken bra:

12. This horrible marriage of face powder and black pants:

13. This happening right after a manicure:

14. The sample sale that every woman in a 20-mile radius has heard about:

15. This terrible interaction between hair and a curling iron:

16. This burn:

17. This texture. INSIDE YOUR LADY PARTS.

18. This part of your body getting waxed:

19. This unexpected gust of wind cruelly doing its best to show your stuff off to the world:

20. The seams of these jeans:

21. And this totally WTF pregnancy test result:

BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN???? Excuse me while I breathe into this paper bag.

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