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    If Disney Princesses Swapped Hairstyles

    Hairy ever after.

    1. Belle with Mulan's hair:

    2. Sleeping Beauty with Ariel's hair:

    3. Cinderella with Tiana's hair:

    4. Ariel with Snow White's hair:

    5. Elsa with Merida's hair:

    6. Tiana with Sleeping Beauty's hair:

    7. Sleeping Beauty with Pocahontas' hair:

    8. Merida with Rapunzel's hair:

    9. Snow White with Jasmine's hair:

    10. Pocahontas with Ariel's hair:

    11. Rapunzel with Elsa's hair:

    12. Jasmine with Belle's hair:

    13. Mulan with Cinderella's hair: