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How Much Of A Disney Princess Are You?

How are you SO nice?

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  1. 1. Check off all that apply!

    I have/had an absentee father.
    I often find myself trapped in destructive situations I can't escape.
    I am bookish AND beautiful.
    I put others before myself.
    I can communicate with animals.
    I have a really good voice.
    I know how to waltz.
    I often feel that others are out to get me.
    Others are jealous of my beauty.
    Although I am beautiful, I am humble about my looks.
    I hate my step-siblings.
    I have lived in the woods.
    I believe in true love.
    I believe there is one person out there for me — that I will find my soul mate.
    I can cook.
    I can clean.
    I enjoy cooking and cleaning.
    I've had a near-death experience.
    I often make wishes.
    I am the daughter of wealthy and/or important people.
    I would totally get married at 16 if I found the one.
    I have one or several enemies.
    I've been to a ball.
    I daydream a lot.
    I want to be where the people are.
    I am naturally curious.
    I'd easily make big sacrifices for my loved ones.
    I believe in love at first sight.
    My hair is perfect.
    I am naturally slender.
    People would definitely describe me as "feminine."
    I am kind to others, no matter what.
    I seek out adventure.
    I love nature.
    My relationships tend to be dramatic.
    I've dated someone who faced a life-or-death situation.
    I am brave.
    I would do anything to defend my family's honor.
    I am gentle.
    I am graceful.
    I am charming.
    Men like me.
    I have/had an absentee mother.
    I like to hoard treasures.
    I'm addicted to buying books on Amazon.
    I believe in miracles.
    I am a hopeless romantic.
    I have tamed a beast. (Read: I have turned a douche of a man into a gentleman.)
    I think inanimate objects can be friends.
    I want more.

How Much Of A Disney Princess Are You?

You're more like one of the newer Disney princesses, which is a good thing. It means you're smart, courageous, and into kicking butts.

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You're pretty high up there on the Disney Princess scale, but in order to be a full-blown Disney Princess, you kind of have to be un-human. Basically, you're a beautiful being, but you're grounded in reality.

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You are MAGIC. Jeez, not only are you, like, super duper pretty, you're also charming, sensitive, kind, and have overcome insurmountable odds. OH WHAT and you can ALSO talk to animals?!

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