How Much Of A ’90s Girl Were You?

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with this quiz.

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  1. Check off all that apply to you!
    1. 1 I had a subscription to the Delia’s catalog.
    2. 2 I regularly ordered things from the Delia’s catalog.
    3. 3 I was obsessed with the Spice Girls.
    4. 4 I, at one point, made a Spice Girls lip sync video with my friends.
    5. 5 I identified myself as one particular Spice Girl (e.g., you were definitely Baby or Sporty, etc).
    6. 6 I wore body glitter.
    7. 7 I used Lip Smackers.
    8. 8 I had a sizable Lip Smacker collection.
    9. 9 I shopped at Claire’s.
    10. 10 I shopped at Afterthoughts.
    11. 11 I once wore overalls from the Gap.
    12. 12 My signature scent in the ’90s was Gap Dream.
    13. 13 I listened to Ace of Base.
    14. 14 I was an NSYNC fan.
    15. 15 I was a Britney fan.
    16. 16 I was a Mandy Moore fan.
    17. 17 I’ve seen “Titanic.”
    18. 18 In the theater.
    19. 19 …many times in the theater.
    20. 20 I owned the “Titanic” soundtrack.
    21. 21 I wore butterfly clips.
    22. 22 I wore Dr. Martens.
    23. 23 I owned a pair of platform sneakers.
    24. 24 I had a crush on Zack Morris.
    25. 25 I idolized Kelly Kapowski.
    26. 26 I had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio.
    27. 27 I had a crush on JTT.
    28. 28 I had a crush on Pacey from “Dawson’s.”
    29. 29 I watched “Dawson’s Creek” religiously.
    30. 30 I watched “Clarissa Explains It All” and idolized her style.
    31. 31 I was a member of
    32. 32 I had one of the following American Girl dolls: Kirsten, Felicity, Molly, Samantha, or Addy.
    33. 33 David Bowie in “Labyrinth” caused my sexual awakening.
    34. 34 I wore sunflower hats like Blossom.
    35. 35 I had Dream Phone.
    36. 36 I had Mall Madness.
    37. 37 I played Pretty Pretty Princess.
    38. 38 I listened to that one B*Witched song over and over, good lord it was awful.
    39. 39 I wore bra-strap headbands.
    40. 40 I had a watch ring.
    41. 41 I had a Baby-G watch.
    42. 42 I played with Tamagotchis.
    43. 43 I got in trouble for listening to too-sexy Madonna music.
    44. 44 I had a subscription to Teen People.
    45. 45 I read Sassy.
    46. 46 I got in trouble for having my bra straps showing when wearing a spaghetti-strap tank.
    47. 47 I read “Fear Street” books and dog-eared the steamy passages.
    48. 48 I wore jellies.
    49. 49 I wore high-heeled jellies.
    50. 50 I had ying-yang jewelry.
    51. 51 I had alien jewelry.
    52. 52 I wore Roxy board shorts that I did not in fact use for surfing.
    53. 53 I played with Sky Dancers as a kid.
    54. 54 I shopped at Limited Too.
    55. 55 I had a subscription to YM.
    56. 56 I used Hard Candy nail polish.
    57. 57 I wore bindis like Gwen Stefani.
    58. 58 I wore tattoo choker necklaces.
    59. 59 “Clueless” literally changed my life.
    60. 60 As in, I started wearing knee socks and sweater/button-up combos.
    61. 61 And dreamed of owning a white Jeep like Cher.
    62. 62 I watched “Full House” and learned a lot about becoming a woman from the Tanner sisters.
    63. 63 I can’t even talk to you about “Romeo + Juliet” without getting verklempt.
    64. 64 I learned about the dangers of caffeine pills from Jessie Spano’s “I’m So Excited” nervous breakdown.
    65. 65 I know all the words to the “The Little Mermaid” song “Part of Your World.”
    66. 66 I hung up Abercombie ads on my walls.
    67. 67 Sixpence None the Richer’s “Kiss Me” was my ultimate slow-dance song.
    68. 68 I wore frosty makeup for dressy occasions.
    69. 69 I was into Paul Frank wallets and tees.
    70. 70 At one point, I wore JNCOs (or enormous jeans like them).
    71. 71 When a friend and I liked the same boy, I listed to “The Boy Is Mine” A LOT.
    72. 72 When I was I crushing on someone, I’d lock myself in my room and play Brandy’s “Sittin’ Up in My Room.”
    73. 73 I had an accessory made of Astroturf.
    74. 74 I roller-skated to Crystal Waters’ “100% Pure Love.”
    75. 75 And now that you have reminded me of this I REALLY WANT TO ROLLER-SKATE TO THAT SONG.
    76. 76 I had that horrible Jennifer Love Hewitt album.
    77. 77 I wore dark brown lipstick like it was no one’s business.
    78. 78 I briefly became a Wiccan after watching “The Craft.”
    79. 79 I played “light as a feather, stiff as a board” with my friends.
    80. 80 Cory and Topanga were the model of an ideal relationship.
    81. 81 Although I was open to the possibility of meeting someone on “Singled Out.”
    82. 82 I learned how to dance from MTV’s “The Grind.”
    83. 83 My notebooks were all Lisa Frank.
    84. 84 I knew what X-Girl was.
    85. 85 I retain scent memory for most of the crayons included in Crayola’s “Magic Scent” pack.
    86. 86 I had a collection of Body Shop bath beads that were too precious to use.
    87. 87 Years later, I still have a crush on Liv Tyler’s outfit from “Empire Records.”
    88. 88 I had a backpack, hat, notebook, keychain and/or picture frame embellished with the words “Girl Power.”
    89. 89 Middle part or die.
    90. 90 I had a Dr. Seuss hat.
    91. 91 My ultimate wish was for my personal phone line with an answering machine.
    92. 92 I had one or many Beanie Babies.
    93. 93 I watched “Sailor Moon,” “Strawberry Shortcake,” or “Rainbow Brite.”
    94. 94 I wore Ring Pops as fashion items.
    95. 95 When Hanson first came around, I was confused as to whether they were girls or boys.
    96. 96 Once I realized they were boys, I was hooked.
    97. 97 I daydreamed about Usher and his hint of upper lip hair after seeing the “U Make Me Wanna…” video.
    98. 98 I fully embraced TLC’s “No Scrub” concept.
    99. 99 I had a mini-backpack.
    100. 100 I have watched at least one of the early Mary-Kate and Ashley movies.

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