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How Much Is An Original American Girl Doll Worth?

Molly, RIP=$$$.

'90s girls, brace yourselves for a tale of tragedy: Molly McIntire, the WWII-era American Girl doll, has recently been "archived." Yes: doll murder. Sadly, Molly is just another casualty, as she now joins several other original historical characters: Felicity passed away in 2011, Kirsten in 2010, and Samantha in 2009. The world is cruel. (Addy, introduced in 1993, is still with us...but, really, for how much longer? I can't take it.)

Unsurprisingly, dolls from the original collection as well as their accessories can be worth a LOT of money (depending, of course, on condition, and degree of newness). Other accessories and used doll prices may surprise you.

Shall we take a look?

Here is a Kirsten doll plus seven other outfits and accompanying accessories, plus bed and trunk: $2,199.99

OK, so you get quite a lot of the Kirsten line in this package, but the doll is listed as being in "fair" condition. The price for a Kirsten doll with a paperback book in 1991 was $82.

Here's a Kirsten doll new in the box (increases the value) with book and bed set going for $750.

Here's a rather pricey listing — a Molly doll (she's in a doll hospital outfit here), but she comes with her a decent chunk of Molly's line: $4,958.

So this actually comes with a TON of stuff, but it's still a collection that has appreciated in value...

I added up all the items included in the Molly eBay listing above...

Using this American Girl Wiki, it looks like the original retail cost of all this stuff was somewhere just north of $1,000.

Felicity doll with four outfits, plus six books: $700.

The original cost of this lot would have been somewhere around $200.

This Molly set with 25 items (some new) is going for $1,614.99 (marked down from $1,699.99).

Here's a Samantha doll (condition listed as "used") priced at $599 — she comes with several outfits and accessories.

For Samantha dolls that are ostensibly used, you can find several in the $100–$200 range. This one is $129.99.

If you want her, go and get her. Some of these less-than-prime dolls have starting bids of around $45.

If you have any weird accessories or AG products, they may also be worth money. Like this simple dress pattern is on Etsy for $125!

Here's something crazy: It's an invite to an event Pleasant Company did when Felicity was launched in 1991. Cost: $1,200.

Seriously, that's a lot of money for the following: Meet Felicity book signed by author, embroidery kit (to embroider a little bag you could fill with potpourri, included), a girl-sized cloth cap, a pin, a shopping bag, a map, and a bookmark.

And just FYI, this is Isabelle, the American Girl of the Year. She's $120 and comes with a book.

But if you want her with an ear piercing, she costs $134.