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How Much Is An Original American Girl Doll Worth?

Molly, RIP=$$$.

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'90s girls, brace yourselves for a tale of tragedy: Molly McIntire, the WWII-era American Girl doll, has recently been "archived." Yes: doll murder. Sadly, Molly is just another casualty, as she now joins several other original historical characters: Felicity passed away in 2011, Kirsten in 2010, and Samantha in 2009. The world is cruel. (Addy, introduced in 1993, is still with us...but, really, for how much longer? I can't take it.)

Unsurprisingly, dolls from the original collection as well as their accessories can be worth a LOT of money (depending, of course, on condition, and degree of newness). Other accessories and used doll prices may surprise you.

Shall we take a look?

Here is a Kirsten doll plus seven other outfits and accompanying accessories, plus bed and trunk: $2,199.99

OK, so you get quite a lot of the Kirsten line in this package, but the doll is listed as being in "fair" condition. The price for a Kirsten doll with a paperback book in 1991 was $82.


Here's a rather pricey listing — a Molly doll (she's in a doll hospital outfit here), but she comes with her a decent chunk of Molly's line: $4,958.

So this actually comes with a TON of stuff, but it's still a collection that has appreciated in value...


Here's something crazy: It's an invite to an event Pleasant Company did when Felicity was launched in 1991. Cost: $1,200.

Seriously, that's a lot of money for the following: Meet Felicity book signed by author, embroidery kit (to embroider a little bag you could fill with potpourri, included), a girl-sized cloth cap, a pin, a shopping bag, a map, and a bookmark.