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How Many Of These '90s Girl Toys Did You Own?

Oh, how we yearn for the days of Dream Phone.

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  1. 1. Check off each you had when you were a kid.

    Pretty Pretty Princess
    Kitty Surprise
    Tiger "The Little Mermaid" Electronic Game
    Puppy Surprise
    Dream Phone
    Polly Pocket
    Lil Miss Makeup
    My Size Barbie
    Party Mania
    American Girl Doll
    Ice Capades Barbie
    Sally Secrets
    Lil Miss Mermaid
    Lil Miss Magic Hair
    Cupcake Dolls
    Girl Talk Secret Diary
    Lil Miss Magic Jewels
    Sky Dancers
    Barbie Power Wheels
    Magic Nursery Babies
    Dream Skater
    P.J. Sparkles Doll
    Water Babies
    Beanie Babies
    Cherry Merry Muffin
    Doodle Bears
    My Pretty Ballerina
    Barbie Happy Meal Toys
    Bathtime Fun Barbie
    Baby All Gone
    Dear Diary
    Little Tikes Victorian Playhouse
    Treasure Rocks
    Barbie Fashion Designer CD-ROM
    Fantastic Flowers
    My Pretty Mermaids
    Fashion Plates
    Olympic Skater Barbie
    Princess Jasmine Barbie
    Crayola Magic Scent Crayons
    Fashion Faces
    Clueless Hands-Free Phone
    Barbie Super Talking Flip Phone
    Little Tikes Vanity
    Little Tikes Doll House
    Color Change Barbie Head
    Troll Dolls
    Telephone Tammy
    Totally Hair Barbie
    Miss Party Surprise
    Belle "Beauty & the Beast" Barbie
    Fairy Winkles
    Mall Madness
    Pocket Locker
    Foam 'n Color Barbie
    Easy-Bake Oven
    Baby Born
    Ask Zandar
    The Dollymaker
    Krystal Princess Dolls
    Warm 'n Tenders
    Hallmark Yum Yum Bears
    Butterfly Princess Barbie
    Fluffy My Come Here Puppy
    Playmobil Doll House
    "Blossom" Dolls
    "Lion King" Kissing Cubs
    Littlest Pet Shop
    Mattel Tapsie Doll
    "The Baby-Sitters Club" Game

How Many Of These '90s Girl Toys Did You Own?

Your childhood may not have been filled to the brim with classic '90s girl toys, but chances are you were still happy with your unique collection of Troll Dolls.

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You must have had quite the collection, fellow '90s girl. Alas, we can't always have everything. Like that American Girl doll you're STILL hoping to get each Christmas.

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You're the girl everyone was jealous of because you had Dream Phone first. Your room must have been a chamber of pink plastic treasures. You probably even had a Barbie Power Wheel car, didn't you?

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