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How Gen X Are You?

Kurt Loder is 69 and I don't even know what's real anymore.

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  1. 1. Check off all that apply...

    I was born sometime between the late '60s to late '70s.
    My taste in music is amazing.
    Growing up, I never missed an episode of "The Facts of Life."
    Disco sucks.
    It is my opinion that Winona definitely ended up with the right guy in "Reality Bites."
    My first exposure to Morgan Freeman was on "The Electric Company."
    I do not now and never will understand the Spice Girls.
    Because obviously the original inventor of "girl power" was Madonna.
    R.E.M. is a great band.
    DeBarge puts me in the mood. That mood.
    I can't even talk to you about Nirvana.
    I can sing all of "Do They Know It's Christmas" in all the different voices.
    Everything I know about grammar I learned from "Schoolhouse Rock."
    Whenever I meet someone I like, I immediately begin thinking about songs for their mixtape.
    The Billy Crystal "You Look Marvelous" SNL skit still makes me laugh.
    David Cassidy was responsible for my sexual awakening.
    I listen to Culture Club. Non-ironically.
    If I need to get a gift for someone's child, my first thought is a Cabbage Patch Kid.
    I still use the term "Reaganomics."
    I can tell you A LOT about the Pixies.
    I basically want to kill myself every time I see a youth wearing a Joy Division shirt.
    You could not pay me to be on an online dating site or app.
    O.K., I will begrudgingly play "Tinder," but I will not like it and I will not talk about it.
    I have, at one point or another, dated someone who was in a Police cover band.
    If all children listened to "Free to Be You and Me," the world would be a better place.
    I see the world through the lens of "Star Wars."
    Everything sounds better on vinyl.
    I've been called a slacker by someone old and stupid.
    I have made and/or read zines.
    When I am depressed, I put on a John Hughes movie.
    On my VCR.
    "Echo and the Bunnymen" is a perfectly normal name for a band.
    I am occasionally visited in my dreams by images of Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T's lap.
    John McEnroe vs. Jimmy Connors is the greatest athletic rivalry of all time.
    I was into Pavement before Pavement was cool.
    My first political rally was an Act Up march.
    I search eBay fairly regularly for Benetton rugby shirts or X-Girl ringer tees.
    I can sing the whole theme song for "Welcome Back Kotter."
    I still own cassette tapes.
    I still own CDs.
    I buy CDs.
    "I take immense pride in my extensive collection of ___ [fill in the blank: stamps, butterflies, "Star Wars" action figures].
    I do an excellent impression of Eddie Murphy in his "Party All the Time" music video.
    MTV now is the saddest, most ridiculous bullshit ever and I'd rather puke than watch "The Hills."
    No, I was not aware that "The Hills" is no longer a thing.
    I remember when people had unironic Jheri curls.
    I still think of Queen Latifah as a rapper.
    I hate Don Henley but secretly sing along to "Boys of Summer" whenever I hear it.
    I cannot even believe that Kurt Loder is 69. It can't be true. How did that happen.
    I feel ashamed that I am taking this quiz.
    Because I hate being labeled.

How Gen X Are You?

What are you even doing taking this quiz? I SEE YOU, MILLENNIAL.

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You're fairly Gen X, but it's possible you could be one of those people born in between generations so THANK GOD you are more Gen X than Gen Y.

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Obviously. You are Gen X. But going into why is a waste of time.

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