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How Cat Are You?

Take this quiz MEOW.

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  1. 1. Check off all that apply ...

    I loooooove sleep.
    If I had my way, I would sleep, like 16 hours a day.
    I can fall asleep in many different places.
    I prefer spending my free time lounging around and literally doing nothing.
    I'm jumpy and easily scared.
    I prefer eating foods that do not require utensils.
    I am obsessed with cleanliness.
    I bathe several times a day.
    I always land on my feet.
    My favorite foods are meat and fish.
    I prefer to have my food prepared and served to me.
    I like to rub up against objects.
    I like to curl up on people's laps.
    I like to hunt and kill small animals.
    I like to show my friends the small animals I kill.
    I don't take instructions.
    Because I am better than you.
    And also cannot be bothered.
    And there is absolutely no reason for me to do something just because you want me to.
    Don't touch my stomach.
    I like having my head petted.
    I am not a dog person.
    Vacuum cleaners freak me out.
    I will just get up and leave a room if I am bored.
    Food is pretty much all that matters.
    When I want something, I just yelp repeatedly until I get it.
    I am very sensitive to smells.
    I have no problem peeing in a public place.
    I could probably poop in a public place.
    I shed a lot.
    I'm happy just staring out the window for hours on end.
    I'm usually fairly anxious.
    I'm an introvert.
    I stare at people.
    I like fitting myself into boxes and small spaces.
    I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and go absolutely batshit insane.
    Meow meow meow? Meow.

How Cat Are You?

You've yet to really embrace your inner cat, but that could just be because you're really busy or you're too much of a caffeine addict. But your inner feline is there, just waiting for the right moment to pounce.
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You are very much a cat. While you may be aloof, you never just follow the crowd; you do what you want and you don't care what others think. Now, time for a nap.
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You are definitely a cat! MeowmeowmeooOOoooow! Meow, meow meowmeowmeeeow. Meow? Meow meooOooow meow meow.
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