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16 Hilarious Disney Vines That Totally Nailed It

::Combs hair with fork::

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1. What it's really like to date you:

2. This kid has Beauty and the Beast all figured out:

3. Maybe it's a good thing Ariel couldn't talk, otherwise this might have happened:

4. "Bye bitch!":

5. The reenactment is beyond accurate:

6. That Magic Mirror does speak the truth:

7. Well, that was...random:

8. Literally what every parent thinks if their kid is into Frozen:

9. And what it sounds like when you hear this song way too much:

10. Napoleon Dynamite + The Lion King = Awesome mashup:

11. Damn, combing your hair with a fork is only a thing when Ariel does it:

12. This is so Raven:

13. Cat story:

14. Can I have the definition?:

15. 101 this dog:

16. And here's the alternate storyline you never saw:

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