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    Posted on Jan 31, 2014

    Here's What Seventeen Magazine Thought The "Friends" Girls Carried In Their Bags

    The year: 1996. The bag: The mini-backpack.

    In the November 1996 issue of Seventeen, editors took a stab at putting together bags representing each Friends character. Let's take a look at what they thought each lady might carry...

    Monica: A Filofax, Sony Sports Walkman, and paperclips.

    Phoebe got a fleece mini-backpack filled with a funky address book, a corduroy pouch, and cat hair clips (yes, please!).

    In Rachel's hot pink Kipling (remember those?) backpack, she would pack a furry pencil, cartoonish hair clips, and an "I <3 Ross" necklace? Hmm.

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